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About | Teryn Elizabeth

Teryn Elizabeth is an abstract artist based in Raleigh, NC.


Meet the artist

Teryn-Elizabeth Bond is a North Carolina based abstract artist living in Raleigh with her other half, Joe and their best pup, Biscuit. She grew up in Eastern NC traveling back and forth from the coast where much of her inspiration comes from.

Never receiving a formal degree in art, she grew up loving to create and always had the most creative influences around. Her paternal grandmother usually had a paintbrush in hand and created the most beautiful cityscapes and coastal scenes while her mom’s creative outlet meant cooking up the most delicious meals for the family. That, paired with a really great early education art program complemented by a design minor in college, led her to explore all sorts of mediums – painting on silk, rice paper, found objects and other alternative mediums.

Today, Teryn-Elizabeth spends some nights and many weekends painting away in the backyard studio with music playing and a Biscuit tail wagging.


Photo by Ana Maria Munoz at  Port of Raleigh  First Friday

Photo by Ana Maria Munoz at Port of Raleigh First Friday

Photo leading up to  Artspace  Gala

Photo leading up to Artspace Gala

Collaborations + Exhibits

Sola Showing

  • November 2018: Sola - Raleigh, NC

Brookside Showing

Artspace Gala

New Bern Art Walk

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Summer Pop Up Shop Showing

  • Summer 2017: Summer Shop/Array Goods - Raleigh, NC

Zartiques Pop Up

First Friday

Coastal Fog Showing